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Vernon County Advantage

Vernon County’s strategic location provides close access to major Midwest markets and enjoys a low-cost operating environment. BUILD VC and the local municipalities collaborate to provide competitive business development packages.

Employers across all industries will find a strong business climate in Missouri in addition to competitive wages, utility costs, and taxes in Vernon County. The state has a AAA rating and one of the best track records in the U.S. for fiscal responsibility. Missouri ranks in the top 10 out of all 50 states on:

  • Corporate Income Tax Rank (#3)
  • Unemployment insurance tax rank (#7)
  • Property tax rank (#8)

Industry Strengths

Vernon County has a high concentration of agriculture, educational services, manufacturing, finance and insurance industries. The region is home to several major private-sector employers-- 3M, ADM, Platinum Aerostructures, Peerless Products, Inc., and Smithfield Foods. Area employers cite the Midwest work ethic and high productivity as some of the many advantages of operating here.

Missouri has the 7th most diverse economy and is home to many industry clusters, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Global agtech
  • Financial and professional services
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Health innovation
  • Energy
  • Food processing
  • Logistics


At the intersection of U.S. Highway 54 and I-49 and with excellent rail access, Vernon County can get you and your business anywhere you need to be.

Vernon County sits at the mid-point of the I-49 corridor, a critical section of four-lane Interstate highway that connects your business to Kansas City, Joplin and beyond. This north-to-south four-lane interstate grants direct access to four other major interstate connections. Additionally, U.S. Highway 54 connects El Paso Texas to Illinois and runs right through the heart of Nevada.


The city of Nevada is the county seat and the largest municipality in Vernon County. It is in the center of Vernon County and at the intersection of two major highways, U.S. 54 and I-49. As the heart of business, work and recreation for most county residents, Nevada is attractive to all industries looking to expand or relocate.

  • Over 500 acres of parks
  • History museum
  • Griffons baseball team
  • Racetrack and more

Sheldon is an idyllic town on the southern edge of Vernon County. Situated along the I-49 corridor and with rail line access, the city is attractive as a low-cost opportunity for expansion of transportation and warehousing services. Home to multi-generational Jones Boots store and Jones Twine & Net Wrap Inc, Sheldon has a proven track record for entrepreneurship and opportunity.

The town of Walker sits just off U.S. 54 to the east of Nevada. Walker is a small but strong agricultural community with rail access and proximity to a robust workforce in Nevada and El Dorado Springs. Other strongholds of agriculture include Bronaugh in the southwest and Schell City in the northeast sections of Vernon County. Both of these communities are close to conservation areas for outdoor recreation. With rail access from Clinton, MO, to Nevada and beyond, Walker, Shell City, and Bronaugh are excellent choices for value-added agricultural products and services.

Deerfield, a village to the west of Nevada, is also a desirable choice for businesses. Despite its small size and village status, Deerfield is home to an ADM soybean and biodiesel production facility with superb rail access and around 75 workers. The viaduct between Nevada and the state of Kansas, Deerfield is fully capable of supporting further sizable business growth and opportunities.

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